Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Stacy Lowery.

The guy who doesn't host the Internet Shack at Roger Skateboards.

Stacy was riding for Powell prior to joining up with Mike Vallely for the short lived Transit Skateboards. Charlie Wilkins and Tom Boyle were also on the team. After Transit, he rode for Santa Cruz and Bueno before starting Roger.

Slap - July 1998 Volume 7 Number 7


Anonymous said...

O man, I love watching Stacey skate. The footage from that ad is from his 411vm issue 31 part. Massive pop. I wish I could skate like these dudes. Stacey, Reese, Rob G, Donger.......... It must be cool to grind stuff that the rest of skateboarding cant ollie up.

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine used to screen transits decks and shirts for the short while they were in existence. They were out of nj. They made a pretty sweet 10 min promo trailer I was fortunate enough to see, wonder if its out there somewhere on the interwebs?

justin said...

My friend had the video. I don't even know if it was ten minutes long. I think it was just Husker Du's New Day Rising. Or at the least it had that song in it.

Their boards had nice shapes and paint.

Anonymous said...

Stacy is the man...mad pop and consistent, thanks for posting!