Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Enrique Lorenzo.

Enrique is another smooth and stylish Spanish skater. He rode for World Industries, Deca, Monkey Stix and currently is on Expedition.

After World Industries sold their soul to a cartoonish devil, it wasn't long before a few changes had to be made for the older guys with the company. Hence the short lived Deca came into existence. The team also included Deawon Song, J.B. Gillet, Marcus McBride and Luis Cruz. Deca didn't last long and Daewon would soon ride for the even shorter lived brand called Artafact before Almost was started.

Seu Trinh took the photo.

Transworld - July 2000 Volume 18 Number 7


Skate Nazi said...

Enrique is a champ, always has been.

Deca was dope, also remember Japanese shredder Shin Okada rode for them, maybe even Neal Mims was on there for a second if I recall correctly?

Anyway rad post, muy bueno as they say.

justin said...

I believe Neal was on Deca as well. He had a floating black ad like the Enrique one of a frontside flip down a gap at the least. I know the name Shin, but I'm not sure much beyond that.

Keith said...

That photo of Enrique looks kinda odd. Stoked on him regardless!

Shin Okada was on Prime and iirc he was also on Deca. I had one Deca board and I bought it one Dec cuz I was going on vacation in Singapore. Ended up snapping it within a few sessions.

justin said...

I think he's probably doing a frontside flip the wrong way or maybe a 270 kickflip over the hip. It is an unusual angle and composition for the photo.