Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mike Rusczyk.

One time Foundation pro with a mastery of step off no complies seldom seen since the Rubber Boys days of Powell Peralta.

Baker just turned Shane Heyl pro. There's still hope for all us old dudes.

Looks like the folks at Girl and Chocolate have been working on a new little movie.

Transworld - March 2000 Volume 18 Number 3


Sean said...

Such a crazy lipslide. Hometown hero. Skateboarding doesn't even know how much it misses people like Mike Rusczyk.

justin said...

I knew somebody would be stoked on this one. Thanks.

bradtheraddad said...

His Art Bars part ruled, I do miss cats like Mike.

t.a. said...

Stumbled on your site via Chromeball- hyped!

Rusczyk - I randomly won his 'Amateur Retirement' board years ago through Transworld (?) I think. Still have it in the plastic too. It's just too cool to skate. Between him & Ray Barbee, I felt proud to no comply/step-hop.