Friday, November 18, 2011

Ronnie Creager #2.

Same as it ever was.

I'm always reluctant to use World Industries and Blind stuff because of the corny little cartoon characters that live on the corners of the page. No matter how rad the trick is, I can't make myself scan some of them. Thankfully the guys have other sponsors.

The game plan around here is to carry on with the year 2000 for a little bit longer. I'll post stuff next week from Monday through Wednesday. It will still be 2000 for the last week of November/first days of December, too. Then starting on December 5, things will be getting kicked old school back to the 1988-1991 time frame for the rest of the month. I'll be taking the first two weeks of 2012 off. It will be 2001 and 2002 after that. I'm planning on spending a month on each year and then I'm not sure what. I've been doing a logical progression from one year to the next for a while now because it is easier for me in terms of efficiently using my time, but I'm getting a little tired of doing that.

Hang in there, J.T.

The photo is by Seu Trinh.

Transworld - July 2000 Volume 18 Number 7

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