Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Julien Stranger #14.

From the SMA days to his stint in the Underworld to Real and Anti-Hero, Julien has always been a favorite of mine. It's hard to believe he's been pro for over twenty years now. Of course since he's in his low forties and running Anti-Hero, the in-print on-board sightings become fewer, but Julien is always good for a great photo every so often. Take the Anti-Hero ad from a couple months ago of the frontside air in the bowl for example. His trick selection is timeless. Coupling that with a bit of necessary obscurity adds to the Stranger's mystique.

I'll be back on Monday with one more week of the year 2000. Have a good Thanksgiving and/or rest of the week.

Thrasher - February 2000 Volume 20 Number 2


Sean said...

never realized how funny that first frame looks.

Keith said...

yeah... I have the same sentiment about the first frame! How weird looking. Super big air though! Julian's awesome!

Rifas said...

second pic at right top corner look weird, hmm... nice one thought.
btw: i (blog) walking throught the wrong path here :(

Anonymous said...

Hello. Stranger rips!

On last post's mention of the crailtap video: fuck those guys, basically. I just watched the trailer. I was sure that with the addition of Berle and Tershey (spelling, sorry) and also Alvarez as pro that they would move on from the chick music and slow mo. So bummed. Who cares about exposure levels and slow mo anymore? I have noticed a definite general shift back towards more basic representations of skating, i.e a more hesh aesthetic, but the trailer looks like a Beyonce clip. Watching Tershey in mega ultimate slow mo is the opposite of how he should be seen. It looks like a video clip by some non skating big wig director. Sorry, I'm just really disappointed. I really want to like Chocolate again, and I thought now, with their team, I would be able to. How, after the ridiculous hyperbolic production of Fully Flared (after which everyone who was cool quit Lakai almost immediately) can they not want to strip things back? Papplardo must be embarrassed. No wonder he is keeping a low profile. He and Berle and Tershey (Perez I know nothing about) and Alvarez are way too cool for this played out shit.

Thanks if you made it through my rant.


Sean said...

Obviously nothing can be said about the video until the final cut, but maybe Ty has been confusing people being stoked on the skating in his videos for being stoked on the editing? Somebody up top needs to tell him...