Friday, December 2, 2011

Brian Lotti #4.

Now and later.

This photo of Brian is from the 1992 Thrasher calendar, meaning that it was taken in 1991. I had to crop out the month info at the bottom of the page, which slightly results in the dreaded floating in the air without a frame of reference composition. The photos used in the calendar were adjusted to fit a full two page spread and fit around the month. It looks nice, but is somewhat unusable in terms of scannable material.

It's going to be stuff from 1988-1990 from here on out to the New Year.

For the new Spitfire ad, Skate Mental's Dan Plunkett bluntslides the massive banister in front of the former Jim Kelly's Sports Grill and Network Club in Buffalo. In an appropriate Skate Mental moment, I saw Ween there back in 1995.

Sleeper was the photographer.

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Keith said...

ollie hip flip. nice!

I think he must have been on blind at the time? looks like he has a sticker on the top of his board of that henry graphic with the three lady heads.