Monday, December 19, 2011

Jason Rogers.

Back to the grind.

Here's one more Transworld poster that used to be on my bedroom wall. I'm guessing it is from 1989 or maybe very early 1990. Jason was pro for H-Street. He rode for Natural before starting Arcade and Autobahn Wheels later in the 1990s. Both of those companies are still going today.

I had a pair of those purple and white Airwalks that Jason is wearing.

I'd like to extend a big thank you to everybody for the well wishes about my dad. He's been home from the hospital for a few days now following his heart attack. He needs to take it easy and get some rest, but he has been improving from day to day. So far, so good.

The sequence is by Daniel H. Sturt.


antoinucci said...

Air Wak 720° ?

justin said...

They are most likely the 620 Charred. Somebody is wearing the same shoe in a different colorway in what I have planned for Thursday. (I got to keep an element of surprise here somehow.)

Keith said...

Great to hear the good news about your Dad.

I had those white/purple Airwalks. 620's is correct. Holy crap are those high!

justin said...

After checking out the Airwalk website, the purple and white model is called the Pyro. It looks like Airwalk gave each colorway its own cute name.

I remember how nasty the shoes smelled after a whole summer of skating in them. They were seriously huge. No wonder Mike Carroll and others took a razor blade to them. They were also so stiff when you first started wearing them.

The black/gray/purple/orange combo needs to make a comeback. Maybe not.

Skate Nazi said...

Great news about your pops, good to hear he's doing better.

Jason Rogers' Public Enemy graphic with the silhouetted one foot ollie is one of my all time favorites and this dude was an all around killer, could skate anything in front of him.

Killer post.