Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Nevada was a comic by Gustavo Vargas that ran in Slap from 1994 to 1998. Vargas also contributed some Nevada art to 'zines as well. I got a request for some of his work, which is what ultimately led to the skateboard comic feature. I thought the internet would produce some results as to what Vargas was up to these days, but I couldn't find anything. This surprised me a little as I figured some of the episodes of Nevada would have been scanned by somebody else, but apparently they haven't. Now I'm curious as to what the story is behind all of this. Anybody know?

Phil Shao.
12/28/1973 - 8/22/1998.

Slap - June 1997 Volume 6 Number 6


apesundercover said...

Hi! I LOVED this entire series and collected it via a SLAP mag subscription. Still have them all. I have tried to find Vargas a few times as well over the years-wondered what happened to him as an artist. Probably should have reached out to Jenkins and the like. Most recently I have been interested in finding him for possible artist collaboration on Surf Board art with an NYC shaper. His work was so distinct and really resonated with me.

Justin said...

I scanned a bunch of Nevada episodes so maybe I'll post some more soon.

It's so odd that there is absolutely nothing on Vargas anywhere. He did a lot of stuff for a variety of companies in the 1990s that you figure there would be something about him on the net.

Anonymous said...

Please do post more Gustavo Vargas scans. I'm astounded that literally nothing has made it's way to the Internet. Do the world a solid and let people see more of his art.

Justin said...

End of next week, Anonymous.