Friday, September 21, 2012

Danny Way.

"I had ridden for H-Street for a long time, and I wasn't happy with a lot of the stuff going on. It got to a point where they were just putting random people on the team. I remember looking at the team list at one point and just being like, 'Who are all these dudes?' It just got blown out of proportion. It was definitely rolling the dice on our part. Mike Ternasky and I had to take the first step. Plan B was basically an idea we had settled on. We had to get it to a point where other people would be motivated to take the step with us. I really didn't know how the other riders would react. Once we started looking at the Questionable footage, I mean just seeing Pat Duffy's shit, we knew that we had the heaviest, progressive, modern skateboarding video that anyone had ever seen. It became pretty apparent early on."

Big Drill Car.

Danny closed out Questionable with a three song part of complete vert and street destruction. The guy does not mess around and continues to push the boundaries of what is possible on a skateboard to this day.

That wraps up a two week look back at Questionable and the early days of Plan B. I finally watched the video again the last couple of nights and I'm surprised that I got nearly all the parts in order from memory. My switch of Pat Duffy and Matt Hensley was an editor's choice. The only place where things went out of order was Mike Carroll's part came before Rick Howard's. I guess all those repeated viewings paid off.

Tune in next week for the beginnings of Girl.

For the quote: Skateboarder - November 2003 Volume 13 Number 3

Thrasher - May 1992 Volume 12 Number 5


heavymetalchuck said...

its rad seeing pre DC Danny Way pics. cut down Half Cabs so rad. and look at those wheels so lame, hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Do you have the VHS or the DVD? In the early 2000s Questionable was available on DVD. But it was a direct transfer of VHS to DVD, not a remastering, which kept me from buying it; and now, I wish I had bought it because I don't think that video will ever be released as a proper DVD with the original music.

--Rikku Markka

justin said...

I have the original VHS.

Five-o Cheapster said...

Great posts this week. any chance after the Girl origin week, you'll do a Plan B ads week circa 1995 -1998. just asking.

justin said...

Yes, I can do that. I'll make it happen for the first two weeks of November since you requested three years worth. I want to spread out the Plan B a little bit.

Five-o Cheapster said...

Cheers bro. Looking forward to a plan b run.