Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Girl Team.

This was the second Girl ad. It ran in Transworld. The original team was Mike Carroll, Jovantae Turner, Rick Howard, Rudy Johnson, Tim Gavin, Guy Mariano, Sean Sheffey, Eric Koston, Tony Ferguson, and Jeron Wilson. Of those ten, five still are pro for Girl today. Most of the others have retired from being professional and moved behind the scenes in the industry.

If I remember it correctly, Wallride was one of the names that they were floating around for Girl in the planning stages. It makes sense to have the first ad photos at a spot like this if that's what the company might be called. I'm wondering if it might have been kind of a jab at the idea of progression that was being pushed at Plan B and what caused Mike and Rick to want to make a change. Rather than have the latest tricks, take it back a step with some more basic tricks that people weren't doing as much at the time. They use Wallride as the name of their catalog these days.

Transworld - January 1994 Volume 12 Number 1

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