Monday, October 1, 2012

Eric Koston & Jeron Wilson.

Rolling on with the second week of Girl.

Eric had been on 101 and Jeron had been on Blind before Girl started.

The following is an interview with Eric Koston from a Thrasher article on what is wrong with skateboarding. It was done by Brian Brannon.

What's wrong with skating?
Steve Rocco.

How can we change it?
Put an end to Steve Rocco.

What are you willing to do about it?
Forget about him and hope everybody else does too.

What is good about skating?
Not riding for Steve Rocco.

How do you define a pro?

Have you ever thought about just quitting?
Yes, but only when I rode for Steve Rocco.

For the interview: Thrasher - January 1994 Volume 14 Number 1

Thrasher - February 1994 Volume 14 Number 2

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chuck rich said...

FUCK STEVE ROCCO. he used to live near shop i worked at and i would see him around and we always had a little hate going on.