Thursday, October 4, 2012


Goldfish was the first video from Girl. I watched it again over the last two nights. Not to diminish the effort, but it's about what you would expect from a new company that had been in business for about a year. Most of the team has full parts, although there are a couple shared sections and montages. Mike Carroll and Rick Howard have great parts. Goldfish also features a few Spike Jonze skits that borrow from the music videos he was directing. There's a teaser for Chocolate, too. The skateboarding is all street moves. It's nearly all lines and lots of flip tricks with a classic hip hop soundtrack. I think they were successful in conveying the skateboarding is fun idea that was the motivation to start Girl. Of course making a video back then was simpler. You could film some lines at the LA courthouse, hit the streets of San Francisco, and then head to Vancouver to wrap it up. Heck, Eric Koston was wearing shorts for most of his part. That right there should tell you how different things were in the first half of the 1990s.

Transworld - October 1994 Volume 12 Number 10

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