Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mike Daher #2.

Mike is from Florida. He was an am for Powell Peralta and turned pro for Stereo. In a time when there were a lot of low to the ground tech tricks, Mike was doing big ollies and kickflips over things. He was also doing nollies to manual as well as 180s to manual. This included regular and switch, frontside and backside. I watched his part in A Visual Sound last night and the man put together some solid lines. For somebody who does a skateboard nostalgia website, I tend not to be the type of person who thinks the past was better, but after watching the first Stereo video, there is something I miss about those days.

Thrasher - June 1993 Volume 13 Number 6


Keith said...

His opener to A Visual Sound was amazing. Such a great part. So much good skating in that video.

Giles said...

he was very, very good. there was a lot of floppety flippety going on, and he did stuff really clean.