Friday, February 1, 2013

Forties #4.

Forties was dope.

Here's a few random thoughts on skateboarding.

Skateboarder Magazine is headed toward the digital only realm. I got the last issue the other day and I had the option to finish my subscription with either Surfer or Snowboarder. I declined and asked for my money back, if there was any. The second incarnation of Skateboarder was usually a solid read and the mag brought a different perspective to skateboard journalism.

I was happy with how Pretty Sweet turned out. There's probably not much point in writing a review of a video that's been out for two months now. I would prefer less Hollywood glitz. However, Girl and Chocolate are in a unique position to do things that other companies might not necessarily be able to and make it work. It's probably good to take advantage of the opportunities presented, but that still doesn't make Jack Black funny. It was cool to see a bunch of Jeron Wilson footage and some quality tricks from Mike Carroll. As for the younger guys, I'm sold on Raven Tershy, Vincent Alvarez, and Alex Olson. By the way, who's Will Arnett?

I need to check out the DGK video. I'm looking forward to the new Creature flick in May and the Deathwish video in March.

It's going to be a week of Adrenalin starting on Monday. Most likely. There's a 2% chance I might take next week off from doing this so that would mean Adrenalin week would start on February 11th. I'm also thinking about doing weeks on Sonic and Physics Wheels in the very near future. Feel free to leave suggestions.

Slap - December 1996 Volume 5 Number 12


chuck rich said...

fuck yeah lets see some good Sonic ads.

Duncan said...

Some Simon Woodstock would be rad! I used to think the 361&1/2 flip in an early 411 was funny as fuck.

Anonymous said...

Sonic would be sick!

justin said...

There will be Vert Is Dead on Monday, February 4th. Sonic week might be stretched to two weeks. I'm not sure, but I found some old catalogs from them to give me more stuff to use.