Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sonic 1995 Catalog.

This is from a 1995 Sonic catalog. The pros included Tony Briseno, Mike Crabtree, Kit Erickson, Tom Knox, Simon Woodstock, and Nanda Zipp.

The wheel model is Ave Bunachita. He was an am for Sonic and turned pro for Vision a year or two later.

The brains behind the operation at Sonic were Corey and Gavin O'Brien. I believe that they were partnered with NHS for production and distribution since Sonic was featured in the revived mid 1990s version of Strange Notes. The company wasn't always featured prominently in the catalogs so that makes me wonder how involved NHS was.

Jamie Thomas put together a very worthy Battle Commander clip at the Berrics.



Sonic was on its own for most of its existence. i think the last year or 2 it was with NHS until it folded. i still have both those Woodstock and Crabtree decks and a bunch of stickers.

justin said...

It didn't seem like Sonic was fully part of the NHS fold. There would usually just be a one page ad in Strange Notes for them and maybe an interview with a rider. In comparison, Santa Cruz and Creature always had a page or two devoted to the current run of boards and products.

Anonymous said...

Was Louie Barletta on the team at some point?

--Rikku Markka

Justin said...

Yup, Louie was on the team. He was on from probably 1996 or 1997 until the end in 1998. I posted an ad of him on Sonic at some point in the past on here. Just use the search option to find it.