Thursday, February 28, 2013

Matt Schnurr #2.

Tim Gavin's friend.

Matt was pro for Planet Earth. He had parts in Cat's Cradle and Hiatus that were full of technical street skating set to era appropriate hip hop. He did a lot of harder flip tricks switch that looked pretty solid back in the day.

I'm doing a Deathwish feature for next week. I've found an ad for Balance with Erik Ellington that might not have been on the internet yet. The only catch is that it is a split ad with another team rider. It possibly could be Erik's first bit of coverage. Does everybody want me to use the Balance ad or dig around more to find something else?

Transworld - September 1994 Volume 12 Number 9


Anonymous said...

Is that Balance ad split with Scott Copalman 50-50ing a brown, square handrail?

Ellington was on a company called Clout skateboards; that team featured Danny Minnick as a pro. In 411vm #7, Clean had an ad and Ellington was listed as a team rider. Can't tell which trick(s) he does as the video's tracking is kinda bad. You can check out the ad here:

Everything is chaptered like a DVD, and labeled accurately so you can skip to what you want to see. The Clean ad is chapter 28
I can't wait for more issues to be posted. So many good memories come flooding back when I watch these. It's hard to explain to kids now how important those videos were.

-- Rikku Markka

Anonymous said...

Post both!!!

justin said...

The Balance ad isn't split with Scott Copalman. It's Erik and Aaron Pearcey. Scott's 50-50 was its own ad. I posted it on here a while ago.

I will check out the link on the 411. I remember Clout.

I'm actually having a hard time finding early Zero ads, but I think I'm looking in the wrong places. I know they were always in Transworld, but I think I started looking a few months too early. I know they will turn up.

justin said...

I'll check the mags from mid 1994 to see if there was ever anything in print with Clout and Ellington. I scanned the Balance ad already. I'm a little pressed for time over the next week and this is ending up taking longer than I expected so I'm not sure what is going to be used.