Monday, October 14, 2013

Brian Anderson #4.

Three D.

Girl turns twenty this year and their video Yeah Right was released in 2003 so I'm doing a fast rewind of some of the highlights of the film. Brian had been riding for Toy Machine when he got an offer to ride for Girl. He turned in a solid decade and recently left to start his own company called 3D.

Top: Transworld - February 2002 Volume 20 Number 2

Bottom: Transworld - May 2002 Volume 20 Number 5


Anonymous said...

I have another idea for your blog. Companies that were only around for a short time. You could even do a Mike V. or Kris Markovitch month(ha ha). Even though I like all the guys at Girl, I never ridden one of their boards.
Take care

Justin said...

I think the whole theme of this blog is companies that were only around for a short time. I'm joking around on that reply a little.

I have been thinking about a week of Transit actually.

If you check June 2012, I did a week specifically of expire companies. It starts with Steffan Attardo.

Anonymous said...

Justin sorry for the comment on Brian Anderson that I posted earlier in the week. I was trying to be funny and regret it. I used to party with some of the team back in the day. I hope someday he opens up about it. Have a great day!

Justin said...

It's all good. You manned up and admitted to it. I didn't think it was intended to be mean, just better left unsaid.