Wednesday, October 9, 2013

George Karr.

NOFX covering Fleetwood Mac.

George had a part in the A-1 Meats' Dancing In The Dirt video. I'm not even sure if he had a board sponsor. I was intending to watch the video again, but playoff baseball has been occupying my TV as of late. Anyway, I liked the one video part he made twenty some years ago and knew he needed to be on this site once I saw the ad.

Dirt was a clothing company out of the Tracker camp. Mario Rubalcaba was also on the team. That's about all I've got on them.

To clear up a few questions that have been raised in the comments, World Industries made Ghetto Wear. It was started back in the SMA/World Industries days. Dukes was a subdivision of Duffs, both of which were out of World. Eggplant was a hat clothing company done by some little kid with handwritten ads. The kid might have been from New Jersey. I'm not sure whatever happened to Damon Byrd. Some guy kept emailing me about having a Damon Byrd scan on here so I eventually honored his request. I think that is everything.

The photo is by Marc Hostetter.

Transworld - October 1993 Volume 11 Number 10


Justin said...

Ghetto Wear:

Justin said...

Damon Byrd:

Keith said...

haha. Is this is the dude from the A1 and/or Tracker videos who was an am and had a full beard... which back then seemed kind of odd to me as a teenager.

Justin said...

Yup. He was a man am before that was even a phrase. He seemed so much more grown up to me. Nobody was sporting a beard back then.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Dirt clothing!? I thought Rusty's was a rare one. I have been looking through some old CCS catalogs lately and saw some Shine boards. Didn't Vision have something to do with them? Anyway, thanks again for this week down memory lane.
p.s. been looking at this site lately

stephen said...

Awesome past few posts. Love the obscure shit. Thx for holding it down. Love your site.

Justin said...

You're welcome. I'm trying.

I believe Shine might have had something to do with Vision. Was that the company with Kevin Staab and Joe Johnson? They might have tried to take things solo.