Friday, October 11, 2013

Kris Markovich #14.

In the same way he's closed out so many videos, Markovich closes out Fashion Week. T-Bags was a family effort that moved out of the garage for a bit in the mid 1990s. Caine Gayle, Jason Ellis, and a few others were on the team.

I'll maybe do another fashion week in a couple of months. I had a list of about a dozen companies and probably only used three or so from it because I found stuff I didn't even think to look for.

I got my copy of Emerica's Made the other day. That's a really good video. It has that feel of a Tim & Henry's Pack of Lies, a short flick with no filler. Made almost counts as a Toy Machine video with Leo Romero, Colin Provost, and am Jeremy Leabres having three of the four parts to go with lone Zoo Yorker Brandon Westgate. I'm saying Colin for SOTY. You aren't supposed to be able to jump that high.

Yeah Right on Monday.

Transworld - April 1994 Volume 12 Number 4

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White Ninja said...

why is markovich forgotten?

way ahead of curve, wld a been filthy rich, if born 15 yrs later.

now hes' a side note. a shame.