Thursday, October 31, 2013

Walker Nightmare.

Happy Halloween!

This shape was designed by Mark Lake. The first version was one of his pro models on Walker. It was necessitated by the hot and humid weather in Florida causing problems gripping the board on airs. The weird cutouts by the front allowed a place for your hand to grab without slipping. Mark still rides a shape similar to this today, as was recently documented in a Gullwing ad. If you are way under 35 and all of this seems confusing, think about how boards evolved longer noses so you could do nollie kickflips. It's about having a functional shape for how you are trying to ride your skateboard.

Transworld - February 1989 Volume 7 Number 1


Keith said...

Walker stuff always looked so weird!

stephen said...

mark lake is rad but man... that shape! fuck, i remember looking at that when i was a kid and being confused by it. those graffics are crazy too... and not in a good way. haha. what's up with the double face? when i see 'walker' i always think of that jeremy klien interview where he's talking about how he could have maybe gotten sponsored earlier by some "awfull company, like 'walker' or something". doesn't somebody point out how phallic that deck looks in some mag article or website? i remember reading that and laughing.