Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Adam McNatt #2.

Celebrity Tropical Fish.

It's going to be a quick browsing of Powell Peralta ads from 1992 for the week. In keeping up with the changes that were going on in skateboarding, Powell switched up their image to fit a little more with the times. The ads and graphics were an attempt to match up with what the new smaller companies were doing, instead of the traditional slick art you were used to seeing. I like how some of the results turned out. They are raw, but still have that aura of how Powell did things in the 1980s.

That Kevin Kowalski Magnified is completely nuts. Raise the roof.

Transworld - February 1992 Volume 10 Number 2


Justin said...

Listen before Listen:

rnc said...

Congrats on the seven years.

I always dug this era of Powell. I know Plan B and World got all the attention around this time, but CTF, Hotbatch, Play, etc. all had some cool stuff.

Justin said...


Yeah, Powell still had a really good team. I think it was kind of better than what they changed into in the years ahead.

Ben said...

Do you remember their ever-slicks from this era. They were slightly orange. The rumor was Powell was using melted down rails.

Justin said...

That could be. Recycling. I don't think I remember what a Powell slick looked like.