Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Kevin Staab #4.


You might have to be Canadian to get that.

Anyway, following my brief aside on 1990s indie rock from north of the border, Shine was Kevin Staab's company in the post Sims years. Former Vision pro Joe Johnson also came along for the ride. Damon Byrd was on the team, too. Shine did not last very long in the fickle days of big pants and small wheels. The ad says backside ollie to revert, but from the sequence it sure looks like a straight up backside 360 to me. Kevin is a champ at backside ollies on vert.

The photos are by Emerich Hlava.

Transworld - April 1992 Volume 10 Number 4


nonickname said...

and as a Canadian I thank you for that, the lead singer is wearing a New Deal shirt in one of the video versions.

Justin said...

You're welcome.

Everybody was wearing New Deal shirts back then.

Anonymous said...