Friday, May 15, 2015

Yoshi Obayashi.

Inspiring G-Mos.

Christian Hosoi and Ron Chatman both left Milk after not being on the team for very long. Christian rode for Focus and Ron teamed up with Mark Gonzales for ATM Click. Milk kept on going for a few more years. I believe the company changed distributers because of a slight name change to go with a new address. I was trying to figure out who was backing them, but couldn't match up the address with anybody else. The second round of team riders included Anthony Carney, Ian Hatley, Yoski Obayashi, Dave Griffin, Melvin Reynolds, and Danny Highfill. They even kept a board in circulation for Todd Congelliere.

Yoshi was sponsored by Milk. He also rode for Z-Products. He did a lot of unusual one foot and late flip type tricks. When the A-Team had their riders do a trick for a contest, Gershon Mosley picked a move done by Yoshi. The contest featured sequence ads of A-Team riders doing a difficult trick and it was up to people to send in video footage of themselves doing the same trick. Nobody successfully duplicated the move Gershon picked, which was a weird half casper type of thing.

Note: I neglected to mention that Ethan Fowler and Travis Kolt rode for the initial version of Milk.

Transworld - November 1993 Volume 11 Number 11


Anonymous said...

Dude's big on youtube these days.

nonickname said...

You teach design correct? What's your feeling on the ad? seems like a waste of space to have the two sections so small with the address running along the bottom.

rnc said...

This was a great week. Appreciate the work.

Justin said...

Thanks, RNC.

I'm OK with this ad, although it has some flaws. The font for the address at the bottom looks awful. Having the two small sections does create emphasis and makes the ad jump out at you while you are flipping through the magazine. It stands out because it looks different. All the white space is a cheap way to attract attention since Milk probably didn't have the money to run a color ad. The text could have been spaced out much better for sure. The leading and tracking are too tight. There probably should be more of an even border around the picture and text.

nonickname said...

hadn't thought about how it would have looked in the magazine as a whole, thanks for the perspective.