Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Austyn Gillette #3.

Weed socks.

After running a retail shop called Huf and riding for DVS, Keith Hufnagel decided to launch his own shoe company a few years back. The team includes Josh Matthews, Kevin Terpening, Brad Cromer, Dan Plunkett, Joey Pepper, Peter Ramondetta, Dylan Rieder, Sammy Winter, Craig Anderson, and Haroshi. Huf hit the streetwear jackpot by making socks with marijuana leafs all over them. It seems like a cheesy product to make, but I guess if it allows him to sponsor guys like Pepper and Ramondetta then so be it.

I've been skating a pair of Nobles and they are decent. They took forever to break in and now I'm used to them.

Since everybody is doing a Vans issue to correspond with the release of Propeller, I'm saying the new Thrasher tops the Skateboard Mag's edition by a mile.

Transworld - November 2014 Volume 32 Number 11

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Anonymous said...

That Thrasher mag is awesome; just endless material to read. Other mags seems to forget that people want something substantial to read, and not just look at pretty pictures.

--Rikku Markka