Thursday, June 4, 2015

Zach Lyons.

"Like I said, for a while I was losing interest in skateboarding. Not in the act of skating, but in the world of skateboarding. I felt that the way I saw skateboarding was slowly dying to become just another sport. I was skating with Vivien everyday, who was living with me on boulevard Magenta in Paris, and we shared the same ideas as to what we personally felt skateboarding was missing." - Soy Panday

Magenta was started in Paris and Strasbourg, France by Vivien Feil and Soy Panday in 2009. Vivien handles the management aspects and Soy is in charge of the graphics. The team includes Jimmy Lannon, Ben Gore, Glen Fox, Leo Valls, Koichiro Uehara, and Zach Lyons. There's a definite parallel to what they are doing and what Stereo was doing in the early 1990s. Again this is more a case of being inspired by something and updating a few solid ideas to the current world of sidewalk surfing rather than simply rehashing the past. They've got some great graphics and the videos are enjoyable to watch. It's cool to see that a company like Magenta is doing well.

And they make graphics like this:

The picture of Zach is by Alex Reyes.

Transworld - November 2014 Volume 32 Number 11

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