Monday, June 1, 2015

Mother Collective.

The newest in new.

I thought I would switch it up by featuring some of the newer companies that I have been into lately. I'll go back to the old stuff next week.

Mother Collective is the most recent startup from the wreckage of the saucer crash. Former Alien Workshop team manager Chad Bowers is the man behind the company. The team consists of Tyler Bledsoe, Gilbert Crockett, and Jake Johnson. They are based in Ohio and going for the arty vibe. I like what I've seen so far with the graphics. There are odd compositions with bizarre photos and drawings. The team ain't half bad either.

For some reason the name Mother reminds me of Family, the company that was supposed to happen out of Deluxe in 1993 with Jordan Richter and Greg Hunt.

My next board is a Gilbert Crockett. I set it up on Saturday afternoon. It promptly started raining and hasn't stopped since.

Thrasher - May 2015 Volume 35 Number 5

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