Monday, October 19, 2015

Dennis Busenitz #3.

The Wizard.

This is the last week of the Skate More retrospective. Dennis had been on Vans before signing to DVS. He was not on DVS too long before he switched over to Adidas as the brand with the three stripes redid their skateboarding effort. Dennis has been with Real as a board sponsor his whole career and is still on Adidas.

Thrasher - April 2005 Volume 25 Number 4


nonickname said...

Bought a pair of his copa inspired adidas shoes last year, as I figured I've worn copa soccer shoes in the great, looked great, but the slight heel wedge made them a really weird 'feel' to skate in. So for me at least, they're a very expensive pair of 'chill shoes' with wear marks on em.

Justin said...

His one pro shoe from Adidas sort of looked good. A friend had them. Too much like a soccer shoe, which is to be expected. He liked them, but I couldn't see wearing a pair myself.