Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Steve Berra #4.

The Faint.

Steve put together a solid part of the classic tricks you would expect from him for Skate More. You get some backside kickflips, backside 360 ollies, and a full Cab or two down some stairs. He also flips into a few tricks, like the frontside noseslide in the ad. I believe there was a minor internet stink caused by his part because he skated a few man made obstacles that were built to look like real street spots. I understand the slight problem that could arise from that, but at the same time, building your own spots is fine. I suppose living in California with access to a lot of places to skate could minimize the need to do such a thing, but at the same time it reduces the ongoing conflict of where do you want to skate/I don't know/that's not a spot/how about/we went there yesterday...

Was Jereme Rogers pro for Girl? I've been looking around the internet and can't find proof positive there was a board with his name on it, although I'm fairly certain he was.

The sequence is by Atiba Jefferson and the portrait is by Giovanni Reda.

Transworld - October 2005 Volume 23 Number 10

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