Thursday, October 8, 2015

Keith Hufnagel #9.

Pop art.

Huf's part in Skate More is full of classic street lines in San Francisco. Keith had been on DC Shoes, but switched to DVS in 2000. He started a retail store called Huf in 2002. The store gradually evolved into its own footwear company, also called Huf. He seems to be doing pretty good with that these days.

Roll Forever is a great video, too.

Sadly, Huf had no tricks in Real's new Through and Through video. That thing is all killer, no filler. Max Schaaf even had some vert moves. I was hoping Jake Donnelly's parking meter ollie from his latest Adidas ad would be in there, but it was not. It was nice to see Ernie Torres busting a few stunts. Is T & T going to be released in a physical format? Is Propeller ever coming out on DVD?

Thrasher - March 2005 Volume 25 Number 3

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