Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Guy Mariano #3.

Video Days.

The big news of the last week was that Guy Mariano and Eric Koston left Girl after being there from the beginning. Guy also switched up his footwear sponsor by leaving Lakai for Nike. A footwear change to the Swoosh doesn't seem all that odd. Quitting Girl seems like a drastic change, especially when they stuck by him during his down years. At this point there is a whole lot of speculation, but no answers as to where Guy and Eric will end up for sponsorship. Is the new trend for pros to quit their board sponsor and then not have a deck with their name on it for the foreseeable future? Refer to Johnny Layton, Geoff Rowley, and Mikey Taylor as examples, although Mikey did just land on SOVRN. I don't see them starting another new company so I wonder what is going on?

I guess this means both are off Fourstar, which I thought Guy and Eric had a stake in. On the plus side, Fourstar has added Frank Gerwer to the team. The new issue of Thrasher has a story and video on the clothing company's recent European tour. Maybe the thinning of the ranks and a little reorganization at Girl will be a good thing, if we get to see more of Rick Howard and Mike Carroll on board.

Finally, Rick McCrank has retired from the professional ranks.

Check out the Chrome Ball Incident for a new interview with Gabriel Rodriguez.

Transworld - Volume 9 Number 11

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