Friday, December 4, 2015

Tony Hawk #7.

Horizontal loop.

Tony goofing off in the driveway. That's Ray Underhill in the background to the right. I believe they even filmed a little segment for Propaganda on the small ramps. This is one of those ads where you could identify with the pros as riding something similar to what you and your friends had at home.

Transworld - August 1991 Volume 9 Number 8

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nonickname said...

Always liked this ad, just as you said it was something that you looked at and thought "yeah, I could skate that thing...".
Just above freezing here this morning but had half an hour before kids were back home, so hit the mini park 5 mins from my house, wasn't feeling it when I got there but stayed until I got a few grinds on the quarter pipe just to mentally say it wasn't a complete bust. When you spend the majority of your time just warming up (literally and figuratively) goals get reduced.