Friday, December 18, 2015

Lance Mountain #7.

The Chronicles of Lance.

Thrasher - January 1992 Volume 12 Number 1


nonickname said...

that ad confuses me, the "industry" shot is clear (world etc), I'm guessing the ad department is a shot at Hensley who had lots of mod/scooter ads/photos around the same time but the George (old plastic) and empty Lance bit is not funny/clever/insightful. Maybe I'm just annoyed from two weeks of rain but this ad (to me) just doesn't/didn't work. What's your take Justin?

Anonymous said...

What George wanted looks like it's supposed to be just a professionally done product shot. (The plastic wasn't considered too old back in '90). What Lance wanted was just to skate and not even involve himself in marketing. I don't think the ad dept one is poking fun at Hensley directly but rather the use of 'lifestyle' marketing. The industry one looks like a jab at world though for sure. Typical lame, for the era, Powell ad. What's not to get?

Justin said...

1. Industry - obvious dig at World - similar fonts, BW sequence, humor(?)
2. Product shot - straight forward advertising.
3. Powell being arty. If this had run as a full page ad, nobody would really thought anything of it.
4. I always thought Lance wanted nothing to do with any of the other options and would have preferred a blank space.

Even though this ran in 1992, it would have been designed in late 1991. The plastics were on the way out, but a few people would have still used them. A lot of guys were getting into scooters at the time, Hensley, Brennand Schoffel, Lance, and a few more.