Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Keenan Milton #9.


Keenan was from Harlem, NY. He grew up skateboarding with Keith Hufnagel, Gino Iannucci, and a whole lot of the NYC crew from the early 1990s. Ron Allen sponsored him on the short lived Fun Skateboards. Keenan would later go on to ride for Blind and Chocolate. He did some of the smoothest switch technical street skateboarding ever. Sadly, Keenan passed away fifteen years ago this summer. Bunny hop, son.

Transworld - December 1996 Volume 14 Number 12


mcduck said...

what did bunny hop, son mean? i remember seeing a lakai ad where everyone gave their thoughts. pretty sure it was in this ad.


Justin said...

I have no clue. Yes, it was in that Lakai ad. If only we had Instagram in 2001.

natenola said...

I think Bunny Hopson was his alter ego

Justin said...

That would make sense.