Thursday, November 10, 2016

Eric Koston #7.

After Girl funk.

Eric's part in Mouse is a showcase of modern street skateboarding. It's chock full of lines and handrails. Eric takes nollie tricks to the rails. He adds in a number of switch ledge tricks, too. There are also a surprising number of 50-50s, including a sizeable double kink rail. The dude is good.

Is not having a board sponsor the new way of being pro?

How's everybody doing out there?

Transworld - August 1995 Volume 13 Number 8


Maurice said...

Thankful for having a break from wondering what the fuck is going to happen the next four years.

nonickname said...

I still can't believe that a man who shows that level of contempt for the truth was elected. it really was surreal to hear Obama talking to him as the President Elect today.
With control of Congress and the House I'm very unsure of what may happen.
But in skating news I ordered some Indy hollows (53.5's) because sometimes when you're down for whatever reason you need to spend $$ at your local to cheer you up a bit. Thanks again for everything Justin.

Justin said...

Canada's lucky. You've got a hot prime minister. We've got a hot mess of a new government. LOL.

There is the relief that the process is over.

Clinton would have been four more years of Obama, which I would have been fine with. I have no clue what we are in for with Trump and that's the scary part that's keeping me up at night.

Obviously there are the initial major concerns about the rise of racism, homophobia, and misogyny. I'm worried about the safety of my friends who aren't male, white or straight.

A deeper lingering concern is what will happen to the economy in general and more specifically to skateboarding. Boards are made in Mexico and there might be production issues. Yamaha, makers of musical instruments, stopped producing tubas and trumpets until November because the company wanted to see who was going to win the election. I'm sure other industries are taking a similar approach. Depending upon what Trump does/doesn't do on trade, they might stop selling in the US. He's a slave to the dollar so maybe he won't fuck the global economy up too badly.

It's depressing that what your hoping for is somebody not fucking up something too badly.

Anonymous said...

God what a bunch of hysterical, over-emotional bed-wetters!

If you want to be sad about something be sad about your liberal friends who won't accept the outcome of a democratic election and are currently attacking people and destroying their own cities, the kind of behaviour that got people voting Trump in the first place.

Be thankful we are not currently at war with the worlds other major nuclear power, because that is what a Clinton presidency would ultimately bring.

"But Trump is a meanie...", grow a pair you fucking children!

nonickname said...

Only speaking for myself but I said I was "unsure" about a stacked Congress/House/Oval Office, and referenced Trumps love of lying. Not sure how that makes me a bed-wetter but what can you do? As for Clinton launching the US into war I can't say I agree with you and I'll leave it at that for the sake of Justin's blog. Anon, we don't agree but seriously, go skate and have fun.

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Maurice said...

Anonymous, I appreciate you sharing your political views on a skateboarding blog. Now go fuck yourself, dipshit.