Thursday, November 3, 2016

Gino Iannucci #5.

New York Islander.

Gino is from Long Island, New York. He was pro for Black Label and 101 before being added to Chocolate. He had shared a part in Mouse with the late Keenan Milton. He had about two tricks in the minute long section. I think he would have just gotten on Chocolate around this time after putting out a part in World Industries' Trilogy video that was a better showcase of his talents. Again this speaks to the brevity of videos back in the 1990s, free from slow motion, second angles, and lifestyle shots.

Thrasher - May 1997 Volume 17 Number 5


Maurice said...

Don't forget smoking shots. It seems like Strobeck has a fetish for people smoking cigarettes.

White Ninja said...

What kids these days have style? Ginos always had it. with some many kids able to do all tricks, style is so much more valuable.anyone come to mind?

nonickname said...

I'd throw Donovan Piscopo into the discussion.

Justin said...

I forgot footage of seagulls as content filler.

Good question. So many kids are ridiculously good and do their tricks perfectly. I'm not exactly sure if we have anybody going like Gino or Keenan these days, but we probably do.

Dylan had style for sure, but in a different way than Gino. I'm trying to think of what video parts I like. Guys like Austyn Gillette and Busenitz come to mind. Michal Juras perhaps.

White Ninja said...

Call me what u will, but I still think a.olson rips. Personally I'd much rather see some stylish lines of basic tricks then some awkward handrail stunt. I guess that's what old people say though.

Justin said...

I'm stoked on Alex Olson, too. I like what he's doing for skateboarding. He brings in the right mix of new stuff and grumpy old man.