Monday, December 5, 2016

Eric Dressen #3.

"Even though you're a top pro you can still really enjoy skateboarding. I still love skateboarding as much, even more now than I did when I was a little kid, just for the pure joy of skateboarding. I appreciate things a lot more now because I realize I'm getting older and I'm not going to be young forever."

It's time to flash back to the days when both our heroes and ourselves had less gray hair. I picked out a quick sampling of stuff from 1989 and 1991 to fill up the month of December. I figured I needed to include the Bones Brigade after the Animal Chin 30th anniversary video was released. There's also a few of the more obscure things I post each year, which means the people who wind up here searching for Toxic Wheels will be happy. I got a nice batch of board porn from a mail order catalog, too.

Congrats to Kyle Walker on winning SOTY.

Stay strong, Oakland.

The photos are by Aaron Sedway.

For the quote: Transworld - June 1989 Volume 7 Number 3

Transworld - April 1989 Volume 7 Number 2


nonickname said...

that ad is an eyesore. Middle shot I have no idea what is going on, upper left is going for the trippy burred style, and the lower right which should be crisp, high speed film is still off. But the lack of basically any nose on the deck is amazing.

stephen said...

meh... that layout was kind of a mess but that middle shot is fucking rad! seems pretty clear cut to me... maybe you don't recognize the famous VB quarter pipe he's airing out of?? Dressen's the man.

nonickname said...

when I read your comment I thought "what quarter pipe"? The pixilation on my old work screen was so bad that I thought the buildings in the background were some sort of ledge he was coming off of, so I couldn't figure out what/where he was turning into. Perhaps time to go see the optometrist.

Justin said...

The air on the quarter pipe is a great shot and probably could have stood alone.

The ad does have a lot going on, probably a little too much. That was kind of how Santa Cruz did things. I could see including the other two photos because you can't see Eric's face in the air pic. They probably could have gotten away with using the top photo with the backside air and been fine. I'm not big on the red/black color scheme.

Sometimes these things make much more sense in print than they do on the screen.

Maurice said...

I think it was a different era, too. Different standards. Like if you watch an old video and think, "This filming is terrible.". I'm guessing there's a lot of old photos that are technically bad by today's standards, 27 years later.

Justin said...

Definitely. Some of the photos look better from back then. There's a little too much scenery these days. I'm just nitpicking a little. Although with film, sometimes the mags and art departments had to roll with what the photographers got. So if it was a little out of focus or a weird angle, they just made do.