Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Steve Caballero #2.


A ghostly Cab slides through a kinked handrail.

You have to respect the loyalty to Powell Peralta from Steve. He's been riding professionally for them since 1980. The company has been through some ups and downs over the decades and I'm sure there might have even been an offer or two to leave that was rather tempting, but he stuck with the team. He's also been with Vans for ages and designed an all time classic of a shoe with the Half Cab, a lowered version of his first signature model.

It's awesome that he's still skateboarding at 52. The recent Animal Chin reunion video showed that the old guys have got something left in the tank. Although I did share in Tommy's concern that they had been out there skating all day and maybe it was time to warp it up before anybody got hurt.

Transworld - December 1988 Volume 6 Number 6


stephen said...

he's gotta be one my top 3 favorite skaters of all time. he's just been killing it for so long... and staying relevant way after he was at the forefront of progression. he never really had an embarrassing phase, and seems super humble. you gotta respect this guy. ...and he still has the sickest fs inverts

nonickname said...

Like Stephen said you have to respect Cab. Just out of curiosity, and because I found it odd the size wasn't on the ad, I did a quick google search for those "mini" rats, 57mm.