Thursday, December 22, 2016

Paul De Jesus & Trent Gaines.

Polar Propaganda.

When I watched "I like it here inside my mind. Don't wake me this time." for the first time, I recognized the music from the last part with Roman Gonzalez, Paul Grund, and Kevin Rodrigues. I couldn't figure out exactly where I knew the song from, but I was thinking it was from a Powell Peralta video. I watched the video again and checked the credits. Pontus Alv wrote that he really liked the part in Propaganda with Ruben Dominguez, Paul De Jesus, and Trent Gaines so he used the same song. You can see the influence by how the part has three skaters mixed together (which is common throughout the Polar video), the similarity of the filming and editing, and the use of text on the screen. It's cool to see when people pick up on a somewhat lesser known item as an influence and apply it to something new. Sure beats recycling the same well known tropes.

Ruben, Paul, and Trent all rode for Powell. Trent was sponsored by H-Street and Planet Earth later on. Paul rode for Dogtown, too. I think he might have had a pro model from them. His name comes up occasionally in interviews. I don't really know much about Ruben.

Sorry Ruben, I couldn't find anything in print for you.

Both photos are by Chris Ortiz.

Paul: Thrasher - June 1991 Volume 11 Number 6

Trent: Thrasher - April 1991 Volume 11 Number 4

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