Friday, December 9, 2016

Remy Stratton #12.

Chrome Dome.

Remy ollies to truck. The photo is probably from just before he left G & S for Acme.

There's a great interview with Sal Barbier up at the Chrome Ball Incident now. Sal talks about the Eppic and H-Street days, along with Aesthetics and the move to Zoo York.

How about the Numbers video? I'm neutral on it. The music was odd. It reminded me of the intro to Steve Berra's part in The End with how it was filmed, kind of like a surveillance video that happened to capture skateboarding. Antonio Durao rips.

It appears the snow is here and there isn't a warm up in sight for at least the next week or so. I got in one last solo session on Wednesday night at the park. I'm claiming I've got backside 50-50s back for as good as they are going to be for me now. I just can't do them like I used to be able to, but at least I can do them without spending a long time to land one. I also think I need to replace the bushings in my back truck and get some new skate shoes. Getting old stinks.

Rick Kosick took the photo.

Thrasher - June 1991 Volume 11 Number 6


nonickname said...

Snow and damp weather here, going to be shut down for a while...but thanks to the Sal article I just spent some time watching Bill Danforth and hearing him say "Skating in the 80's has grown from a cult following to a major league sport with a worldwide pro circuit"...then he early grabbed off a small ledge. Amazing.

Justin said...

My town has been OK, but where the skatepark is I want to go to was dumped on by snow over the weekend. I need to get over there for some general shopping soon and was hoping to skate a little. The weather is not looking good.