Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The Gynecologist's Office.

In retrospect, I might be the only person who actually liked skateboarding here. I think a couple of friends had gotten kicked out a few times because they went when it was open or the cleaning staff busted them so that soured them on the place. The spot was kind of lame, due to overly slick blacktop and a lot of small rocks at times.

The highlight for me was the heavily waxed up curb between the two light poles. I know I did a ton of slappy boardslides, tailslides, and noseslides on that section of sidewalk. There was also a curved curb that you can see in the top two photos that was sort of neat. I maybe got a noseslide or two on that.

The Gynecologist's Office had a manual pad, too. I'd hit that up for a quick manual during my skateboard around the town phase of the early 2000s. There were always the no skateboarding signs so I never wanted to stick around here very long. The surface of the parking lot deteriorated over the years and all the wax was gone from the curb so there weren't a whole lot of reasons to stay.

I probably skated here every night during the summer of 1994. I'd show up at like 1:00 AM, roll for thirty minutes, and then bail. I never got busted or anything. It's funny because the police station is so close to a spot that is posted for no skateboarding and they never said anything.

This technically isn't a gynecologist office any longer, as it just changed owners and purpose. As a spot, the manual pad is probably still good, but the parking lot is complete crap now and nothing has wax on it. I'd say keep driving if you happen to cruise by the building.


Maurice said...

It's funny, I had irrationally warm feelings about certain spots, too. I just liked skating there. I would even think to myself, Why do I even like this spot?
Re: skating in shopping centers, One video part I liked was Tom Knox in Speed Freaks. I think as I've gotten older I like it even more. The part with the white curbs.
I guess when you're young, a strip mall or an office parking lot can provide you with hours of enjoyment.

Unknown said...

Really like the series. Like dollar store food reviews, oddly entertaining

Justin said...

Thanks. This has been a little more work than usual so it's cool that people are digging it.

I remember driving around in the car so often and having the discussion:

Where do you want to go?
Spot X.
I hate that place. What about Spot Y?
We went there yesterday.
The college?
Fine, let's just go to the plaza.
I don't like it there.
and so on.

You don't really need much when you're young. Just some blacktop and a curb or something where nobody will bug you.

Unknown said...

Thanks for putting in the work, especially when you go back and it's unskateable. I'm 44 and might need to start doing the same and see if I can still crooked grind the crappy curb I learned them on without breaking myself.