Monday, August 4, 2008

Matt Hensley.

"Ollie flip with a twist. Do try this at home."

This is Hensley at the NSA Del Mar Skate Fair from February 1990. He placed third in the contest with that Tony Hawk guy winning both street and vert. Tom Knox took second. This was the first pro contest for a lot of guys, including Ed Templeton, Ron Chatman and Jeremy Klein. Kevin Wilkins laments in the article that contest was held near the location of the demolished Del Mar Skate Ranch.

In addition to the A1 Meats, Natas and H - Street stickers on Hensley's board, there is also a sticker for Mario Rubalcaba's band the Committed.

Grant Brittain took the photo.

Transworld - August 1990 Volume 8 Number 8


Anonymous said...

I remember Eric Dressen was one of the few guys hitting the rail at this contest. He backside ollied from the quarterpipe to 50-50 down. George Watanabe was doing the highest ollies on that wooden bank and Julien Stranger's pop shove-its on the bank were perfect. Gonz had an all-white outfit (pre-curser to the fencing costume) with an over-ear helmet and, unlike most of the competitors, focused on flatground tricks.

I think Hawk gave Hensley the trophy.

Keith said...

That pic of the kf bs grab by Hensley looks so nice. Great post!

Jason said...

thanks for posting this - i totally remember that photo and posted it up on my 'Hensley collage' wall back then!

Do you know where I can find The Committed's music? I can't find anything on that band for the life of me....