Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Chris Senn, Bam Margera & Elissa Steamer.

This is a follow up to yesterday's Chrome Ball Incident posting of Chris Senn. The backside disaster photo that was Photoshopped to look like Senn was doing the trick on the Republic Bank Building in Houston is from here.

You also get Bam doing a big drop in and Elissa doing a kickflip down a big set of stairs.

All hail the Machine.

The photos are probably by Ryan Gee.

Transworld - May 1999 Volume 17 Number 5


Keith said...

As good as their team has been from time to time over the years, I've never ridden a toy machine board. Actually, I don't think I've ever ridden anything from Tum Yeto. I did have a Foundation board when they were with Rocco.

Justin said...

I had a few Toy Machine decks from the time period of this ad. I really liked the boards. I've had a few over the last couple of years. I've gotten used to them, but they usually tend to be a little small. The wood is kind of stiffer, too.

Anonymous said...

Toy had quite the line up in Jump off a building. Seems like a golden time for Toy Machine, this ad is a great example