Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pete Eldridge.

In a sight almost as rare as Bigfoot, here's Pete Eldridge doing a trick in his normal stance instead of switch.

Pete rode for Stereo, Bootleg, City and floated around in sponsorship limbo until Jamie Thomas offered him a spot on Mystery a couple of years ago. Since then he has also gotten sponsored by adidas.

Slap - September 1999 Volume 8 Number 9


Royce said...

Nollied into that lipside. It wasn't bigfoot! =)

justin said...

That's what I'm thinking. I get paranoid about getting the trick names wrong sometimes.

Matt said...

Philly week at Vert is Dead? If so, may I request a Sergei Trudnowski pic

justin said...

Nope. Just a coincidence that I didn't even notice until you pointed it out. There's might be one other late East Coaster this week. I don't know yet.