Thursday, August 25, 2011

Jim Gagne #2.

Tech gnar.

Nollie flip out of a nose manual, slide a rail with skate stoppers, Miller flip at a skate park, Gagne got some tricks done.

Pat O'Dell has a bunch of photos up from the Super Skate Summer show in Portland on Epicly Later'd. Lots of pics of Andy Roy, along with Julien Stranger, Jason Dill, Chris Johanson, No Age and all sorts of people. I just want to see No Age again.

I got the email today that my copy of GSD's Skate Fate book has shipped.

Thrasher - August 1999 Volume 19 Number 8


mycouponbasket said...

That was subtle and lucid. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Where is Gagne now? Anybody know

justin said...

I'm not sure. I know in one of the later interviews with him, he said he was going to trade school of some sort, probably to be an electrician. He kind of vanished after he stopped riding for Black Label.

Anonymous said...

i was at the portland vid thing. Stranger was the biggest asshole i have ever met.