Monday, August 29, 2011

Kerry Getz.

Hockey Temper delivers a kickflip frontside boardslide to fakie.

Who knew that a stupid video from a wheel company would turn into a multimillion dollar entertainment franchise?

I watched the end of Street League yesterday. Nice to see Sean Malto get the win.

Thomas Campbell took the photo.

Transworld - March 1999 Volume 17 Number 3


Keith said...

was CKY a landspeed video?

dflip said...

The original C.K.Y. was a Landspeed/ Tum-Yeto video. I read rumors, an even Maldonado mentioned it in an interview that, that video/ wrights (I'm guessing money) had to Bam leaving...

justin said...

Yes, the very first CKY video was done by Landspeed. It had all of seven minutes of skateboarding and the rest was antics. I think Josh Kalis had a couple of tricks in it.

There was a breakdown by Tod Swank in Big Brother of what he did to put the video out in terms of production and money. This led to a dispute with Bam and why he left for Element. Maybe I'll post the article someday soon.

dflip said...

Thanks Justin, That would be awesome!