Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ricky Oyola #5.

I guess this is the time on the internet when I'm supposed to be the grumpy old dude telling all the kids to support Ricky by buying a Traffic board because he's a legend. And that's a message that I can fully endorse, even if I haven't ever ridden a Traffic board myself. I've looked, but they never had my size or I wasn't feeling the graphics on the ones that were in stock or something like that. I do fully intend to ride one of their boards someday.

I am going to step up on the virtual soapbox for a second and say to support Hardtimes Manufacturing. It's a company done by former Anti-Heros Brian Seber and Tim Upson. I just had one of their boards and I really liked it. Everything about it was right. Good shape, good paint, good size. The deck I had did have a deep concave, which might not match up with everyone's personal preferences. I was fine with the concave. I would definitely ride another Hardtimes board and hope to again soon.

I also want to check out the High Five and Roger.

Transworld - March 1999 Volume 17 Number 3


Anonymous said...

Backing the Hardtimes! They are the best East Coast company going. I'm 100% back Ricky and Traffic always have and always will. But HT baby!

Skate Nazi said...


Very nicely done and thank you so much for digging this up, I could have sworn it was a Kastel ad though.

Again, SICK!

justin said...

You're welcome.

I checked all the Kastel ads for 1999 and couldn't find it so I gave up looking. Then the other day when I was looking for Toy Machine stuff I found it. It ran a month before the Hawaii issue came out.