Monday, January 23, 2012

Andrew Morrison.

New Zealander Andrew Morrison rode for Schmitt Stix and stayed with Paul Schmitt for the New Deal. He was primarily a vert guy, but could throw down in the streets, too. I dug his video parts.

Michael Burnett has a cool new photo of Remy Stratton in the latest Burnout over at Thrasher's website. He's on tour down under with the Volcom team.

I'm never sure what I think of Skate Mental, but that D3PO graphic is funny.

Thrasher - January 1991 Volume 11 Number 1


Max said...

Could it be the layback frontside ollie to channel?

justin said...

That would be the one. I realize now that there are multiple photos of Remy on the current batch of Burnouts.