Friday, April 27, 2012

Dylan Rieder.

Young Team Handsome.

Dylan first was sponsored by Birdhouse and Osiris. He left Birdhouse for Rasa Libre, a company originally started by Deluxe. Rasa Libre showcased the art of former Girl artist Michael Leon with a pro team of Matt Field, Reese Forbes and Nate Jones. Omar Salazar was one of the ams, who coincidentally now rides for Alien Workshop, too. Leon has since turned his Commonwealth Stacks art project into Stacks the board company with Reese Forbes.

Anyway, back to Dylan. He joined up with the Alien Workshop after Rasa Libre was put out to pasture. He was the Skateboard Mag's Year's Best Am in 2006. In 2009, he had a part in Mindfield that was good, but maybe not so great. Then in 2010, his shoe sponsor Gravis released a solo video that really put Dylan in the spotlight. He did a bunch of impossibles over very big things and ridiculously nice frontside flips, among other tricks. Dylan rides for Alien Workshop, Gravis, Analog Clothing, Thunder and Spitfire.

All this newer stuff is probably bumming out the older guys. Truthfully, I don't pay attention to a lot of the new ams when they are coming up so this is kind of a refresher history lesson for me as well. I keep up with skateboarding as much as the next guy, but there is so much going on that it gets hard to follow everything. There's been too many check outs and interviews claiming a kid to be the next big thing only to have them vanish in two years.

Rob Brink coined the term Team Handsome.

Ed Dominick was the photographer.

Big Brother - September 2002 Number 88

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