Thursday, April 26, 2012

Robbie McKinley.

Robbie started out on Society and then got on Blind. He had a part in Tim Dowling's Listen video. The 1998 video is named that because it only has the sounds of skateboarding and no music. He was offered a chance to ride for Girl and took it. Robbie has a full part in Yeah Right video from 2003. I like his trick selection and how he did what he did. He was also riding for DC Shoes. He never turned pro and peaced out on the sponsored skateboard world sometime after that. These days Robbie is a graphic designer, as far as I know.

Skateboarder - April 2002 Volume 11 Number 6


Skatedad said...

Didn't he invent Sk8 Dice?

Keith said...

Always stoked on him. Great skate style. Listen was great.

justin said...

Yes, he did invent Sk8 Dice. I wasn't exactly sure what those were so I left them out.