Friday, April 20, 2012

Steve Nesser.

The High Five.

Steve has ridden for Consolidated, Birdhouse and I want to say Iota in the past. He is currently doing the High Five with Todd Bratrud. Steve is from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Sorry, no 4/20 joke this year.

The photo is by Jeff Landi.

Slap - June 2001 Volume 10 Number 6


Anonymous said...

His 411 part was sick

Keith said...

is high five still around?

justin said...

I don't know.

They have a Tumblr that is current, but I think the website is gone. I thought on one of the Mob Grip ads where it has the logos for all the NHS companies that High Five was with them, but I haven't seen anything about that since.

They got the Skateboard Mag's pick for company of the year recently and I don't think they would give that to somebody who was out of business.